Magic Cube Thumb Drive

Unleash creativity with our Magic Cube Thumb Drive – the perfect fusion of innovation and functionality for creative corporate gifts. Capture attention with this unique USB drive shaped like a magic cube, offering both style and practicality. Make a lasting impression by selecting the ideal gift that stands out in the world of corporate gifting. Elevate your business relationships with the Magic Cube Thumb Drive, a symbol of imaginative excellence in the realm of technology and innovation.

Gift Code: PDG-051
Material: ABS + Plaster
Dimension(mm): 63 x 21 x 21mm
Colour: Black
Memory size: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB
Printing Method: Full color on Sticker
Packaging: White paper box, PP Box, Gift Box, Wooden Box and Metal Box
Warranty: 1 year
– Special Order.
– MOQ 300 pieces.

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