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7 Premium Gift Ideas to Help Your Brand Stand Out

What is the most common gift received from a company? I would say umbrellas. Your customers may have received umbrellas from a variety of companies — boring and forgettable.

Why not surprise them with something remarkable in 2018? This will help your brand to stand out from the crowd.

Here are 7 gift ideas that will leave a remarkable impression.

1. Genuine Leather Gifts

Genuine Leather Mousepad

A genuine leather gift spells style and practicality — perfect for your VIP customers.

There are all kinds of leather gifts that you can select, from leather passport holders to leather mouse pads.

Sometimes you love the look of leather but need something more affordable. Thankfully, PU leather (synthetic leather) can look just as great.

2. Terminus Bag

Terminus Backpacks

For the urban customer, a terminus bag is a perfect complement to their lifestyle. Whether it’s a sophisticated, professional or active lifestyle, there is a terminus bag for everyone.

You can select from gym bags to backpacks to travel bags.

3. Gadgets

GROW series of Gadgets

There’s a shiny new gadget for every type of techie.

For the techie with too many devices, a power bank or car charger is the perfect gift.

For the gamer that needs loud in-game music, get them a Bluetooth speaker.

4. Wheat Straw Food Container with Cutlery

Wheat Straw Food Container

Customers love it when you go green. Why not give them an eco-friendly food container?

Beautifully designed and portable, it comes with a spoon, fork, and chopsticks.

A wheat straw food container is 100% biodegradable. Do your part to conserve the environment.

5. Anti-Slip Premium Mugs

Anti-Slip Premium Mug

For coffee lovers, we know how important it is to start the day with coffee! But somehow the coffee tastes different in a cheap paper cup (even if it’s premium coffee).

Why not pamper your customers with a premium mug? They will love you for it.

6. Customized Wooden Gifts

Natural Wooden Gifts

Impress your customers at your next corporate event. Give them a customized wooden gift to commemorate the occasion.

Made from natural wood, the gift is memorable as it’s unique to your company.

7. Premium Pillows


Premium Pillow - 7 day
“Look closely, it’s not a croissant!”

Everyone sleeps — even someone with insomnia. Give your customers the gift of a good sleep.

Your customers receive a gift they can use. And you boost your brand recognition with a customized design.

So go ahead and be creative in 2018 — no more boring umbrellas!